Figure Drawing Co-Op

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Thursdays 10/16, 10/30, 11/13,12/4, and 12/11 7:00 – 9:00 PM

The Figure Drawing Co-op is located in the advanced drawing studio (A206) on the second floor of the Janet Wallace Fine Arts building on Macalester’s campus, and runs during the academic year. This fall semester 2014, meetings are from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on 10/16, 10/30, 11/13,12/4, and 12/11. Sessions are open to both Macalester students and the general public. Each session has a model scheduled and the poses generally range from 2 minute warm up poses to several longer (15-45 minute) poses towards the end. There is no fee, but please bring your own art supplies. There are drawing boards and easels available in the studio.

Please respect the space by picking up after yourself. Additionally, we still welcome those who cannot make it at exactly 7 pm – come at 8 during the break (10 minutes long). Thank you for your interest, and we hope you stop by sometime!

Membership via Exco is recommended but not required – you may show up at will, and do not need to attend every session. It is more of a “come when you want” type of event. However, this could change if we get more attendees than in the past as space in the studio is limited to about 20 people.

Campus map for reference, the Art building is the North-Eastern building in the fine arts complex. It is also the newest building.

Facilitator email(s):

Macalester College A206 (new Studio Art building)

1600 Grand Avenue

Saint Paul, MN 55105

United States
Facilitator’s experience:
The Co-op is run by the Art Alliance, a group of Macalester students who share a love of art and a love of sharing art with the rest of the community.