Facilitate a Class

EXCO is always looking for new facilitators. Think about becoming a facilitator and contact us with ideas or questions. Submit a proposal below or by following this link.


Exco classes are diverse in topic and structure. We support classes that are participative and democratic. We support classes that build community capacity, that support marginalized groups and empower us to be part of social change.


Exco classes may take place anywhere around the Twin Cities, we strongly encourage you to find space in your neighborhood such as at your local library, community center, coffee shop, conference rooms, etc. We are also glad to put you in contact with the Minehaha Free Space, where a lot of EXCO activities take place or to help you brainstorm and contact other spaces.

When? / How do we do publicity?

The best time to start and end an exco activity is simply the one that work best for you. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but reviewed at the begining of each month. An exco organizer will contact you within two weeks. We will support the publicity for your class by uploading the information in the website, including it in the monthly newsletter that we send to our listserve and using other social media tools (facebbok, twitter). The information about your class can be expected to be online by around mid month.

For times a year, around every equinox and solstice, we will do an extra publicity effort, so if your class happens to start in July, for example, it will benefit from some extra publicity in the form of posters, events, facebook events, etc.

Successful EXCO courses are ones where facilitators have done outreach through their connections and in their communities! We encourage you to spread the word about your activity by telling your friends and putting posters in places frequented by people that may be interested. We can definitively help you to plan publicity for your class/workshop/group study/skill share/…
Other information:
  • As an exco facilitator, you will have the support of the group of organizers, volunteers that help maintain exco’s structure. You will be assigned to one of the organizers, who can help you in the process of setting up and developping an exco class.
  • Help us create and sustain the larger EXCO community: please announce all EXCO events (EXCO Nights, skillshares, facilitator workshops, etc.) in your classes and we hope you will attend! 
  • Questions? Contact excotc@gmail.com or call (651) 998-9268